When submitting a request about a certain player, please include;

- The in-game name of the player you wish to have banned
- The approximate date and time that you saw a specific incident [U.S. time]
- What you saw and why you think it was a bannable offence
- Evidence of some kind - action screenshots, score, video capture, chat, external references

If you have an issue with a players gameplay, please restrain yourself from complaining about it in in-game global chat - for the principle reason that it serves as a rather conspicuous tip off.

Due to the VERY HIGH number of accusations that occur, ban requests submitted without any credible evidence will not always be followed up by admin, unless we have evidence to provide ourselves. However, players can still use this thread to ask others to watch a specific players actions. Be aware that certain players may have accounts on these forums and thus, informing them of our methods of detection and giving them grief about it is an injudicious strategy.

All players will be held accountable for their accusations. Frivolous accusers both on the forums and in-game will be taken less seriously. DO NOT use the shout box in lieu of this thread. From now on, accusations in the shout box WILL be ignored and WILL be removed. The shout box is for arguments and general self-aggrandisement only.

If you do not wish to have your request public, send Geniuskid and/or myself a private message with the same information as above.

To submit a Ban Request/Research Click Here: Submit Request